CNW is the first place the media and markets look for Canadian news releases

CNW delivers your news releases directly into the editorial systems of news media across the country and around the world, offering simultaneous delivery of news releases using a dedicated XHTML newsfeed.

Why your news releases need newswire distribution

For publicly traded companies, it’s not an option. A newswire gives media and markets fair and equal access to material information. But it delivers returns far beyond basic adherence to disclosure regulations. The CNW newswire is a vital tool for newsrooms and trading floors - they rely on our credibility and appreciate that we level the playing field with simultaneous distribution.

The CNW Newswire was built with today’s lean newsrooms in mind

Today’s newsrooms are leaner than ever, and reporters are required to do a lot more in a day, including filing stories in multiple formats. Don’t make a journalist work to find your news - the CNW Newswire delivers text and related multimedia that is tagged for easier searching and filtering of news. We give journalists easy access to a variety of story-building assets in one convenient, familiar and trusted place.

CNW is a trusted source within newsrooms and on trading floors

News reporters know that CNW’s newswire feed contains all the news releases they need. Every news release is verified for authenticity from authorized senders and is closely proofread. Our reputation for quality helps newsrooms and financial services do their jobs faster and more easily, so naturally, they turn to CNW most often.


In the course of a day, through e-mail, snail mail, and the dreaded fax, I may get 100-plus releases and backgrounders. Many are from agencies and PR groups I do not know. CNW is a recognized name. It lends credibility to the information.

Gerry Phelan, Corporate News Director, Steele Communications;
News Director, VOCM Radio Network, NewCap Radio