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CNW has been connecting organizations with relevant audiences within the media, the markets – and now, the web – for over 50 years.

At CNW, we’re leading the evolution of news. We understand the reality of today’s newsrooms and have the expertise and professional services to help you reach your audience with more impact than ever before.

We offer Canada’s leading newswire service; expert media monitoring, photography and video services; translation, webcasting and conference call services; regulatory filing and communications workflow and measurement solutions.

We support you at every stage of the communications cycle to create, target, distribute, monitor, manage and measure your news.

Why use CNW?



What clients are saying about CNW




What clients are saying about CNW - Plutonic Power

Plutonic Power Corporation

“Using the CNW newswire distribution service has streamlined and simplified the news release process for us”


What clients are saying about CNW


"This relationship builds on an already solid foundation that provides benefit and value to public companies. Toronto Stock Exchange exclusively endorses CNW Group for news release distribution and financial results webcast services."


What clients are saying about CNW - Indian & Northern Affairs

Indian and Northern Affairs

"MediaVantage is indispensible for the modern media monitor. It saves time, it saves money and it gives you incredible reach."


Rio Tinto Alcan

"Each one of MediaVantage's components is great by itself. But the fact that they're all together in an integrated platform so the information can talk is of great value."



"It's really important as we go into new markets and have conversations with clients and potential clients that our reputation is a good one."