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Nicole Guillot

Exciting things are happening at CNW.

Just a few short years after CNW was acquired by PR Newswire, PR Newswire has been acquired by Cision. This means that CNW is now a Cision company.

By combining capabilities, we will provide clients with the industry’s best content distribution, influencer outreach and analytics offerings.

This move is the latest example of Cision’s commitment to delivering innovative products and services to communications, social and content marketing professionals that enable their stories to reach far and wide to the audiences that matter the most to them.

Canadian Cision and CNW teams are joining together, sharing locations and pooling knowledge to ensure ongoing excellence of our offerings in this market. All of CNW’s products and services and all of Cision’s solutions will be sold and supported under the CNW brand in Canada.

We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. For more information, see the official news release.

CNW Newswire Services

CNW provides simultaneous distribution of news releases and multimedia to media and financial markets and feeds websites as well as social media accounts and blogs.

CNW’s expertise in content distribution has made us a trusted and integral part of the Canadian media and market landscapes since 1960. As market leader, CNW is the first place journalists and investors look for news releases from Canadian organizations, and it is the only company commercially endorsed by the TSX for newswire and financial webcast services.

Fulfill Canadian disclosure requirements and maximize:

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Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Laurie Smith
Vice President Strategic Communications,
Media and Audience Relations
T: (416) 863-5399
C: (416) 388-0711


Becoming a Media Partner

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