Enhance your website or blog's content with CNW’s customized real-time news feeds.

Whether you have a general information portal or a blog dedicated to a niche topic, we can build a news feed to match your content needs and site design. You can provide your visitors with a steady supply of news releases targeted to their interests, all distributed directly from a trusted news source.

Install a free CNW News Widget on your website or blog

With user-friendly installation and a dedicated support team, the CNW News Widget is now the easiest and fastest way to add fresh, dynamic content to your site. The CNW News Widget provides fully customizable content hosted directly on your website or blog, and is available in English and French.

You can see CNW News Widgets in action on sites such as :


Keep visitors engaged with your website

Traditionally, organizations have opted for an RSS or live feed, which re-directs users away from its site and to third-party websites. When a user clicks a headline on your CNW News Widget, they will remain on your webpage. Therefore, you keep visitors engaged with your website. This helps boost your SEO and can increase your rankings on search engine sites like Google. 

Provide a continuous supply of fresh content

It’s easy for a corporate website to become static and not all organizations have the time and resources to produce a steady stream of original content. A News Widget can help enhance your site with real-time content released around the clock.

Join the CNW media partner network

CNW media partners include well-established media organizations such as Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Globe & Mail and The National Post.

The CNW News Widget is completely free!

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