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RSS Feeds

CNW Group uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to help keep you updated with just the news you need. We index everything that crosses the wire and group news into RSS feeds categorized by subject, category and industry headings. A compilation that includes a list of all of today's releases is also available. You can subscribe to the feeds you're interested in and have the latest news delivered directly to your inbox or RSS feed reader.

New to RSS? Learn more about RSS here or consider watching this short video called RSS in Plain English.

Take Note: Members of the news media are reminded that CNW Group RSS feeds are not delivered in real time. You may experience a maximum delay of up to 15 minutes. As such, RSS feeds should not be considered an equivalent to the dedicated CNW Group feed received by your news organization.

Click on the topic below to open a comprehensive menu of feeds:

  • Category - these feeds reflect specific categories describing the nature of a news release's content
  • Subject - these feeds provide news releases grouped according to the individual sections of a major Canadian newspaper
  • Industry - the feeds deliver news releases grouped by specific economic sectors and/or the industry to which the issuing organization belongs
  • Financial
  • Hot Topics
  • Most Popular


Most Popular

Today’s News
Financial News
Oil and Energy
General News
Mergers and Acquisitions


Financial News   Subscribe to Financial News RSS
Mergers and Acquisitions   Subscribe to
                        Aquisitions/Mergers/Take Overs RSS
Economic News and Trends   Subscribe to Economic News,
                        Trends and Analysis RSS
Oil and Energy   Subscribe to Oil/Energy RSS


Hot Topics

  Company Earnings   Subscribe to Company Earnings RSS
  Enriched News Releases
Provide news releases which may include multimedia features and comments.
  Subscribe to Entertainment RSS
Provides news releases related to energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainability, ecological innovation and general green issues.
  Subscribe to Financial News RSS

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Feeds by category

  Election/Budget   Subscribe to Election/Budget RSS
  Entertainment   Subscribe to Entertainment RSS
  Financial News   Subscribe to Financial News RSS
  General News   Subscribe to General News RSS
  Sports   Subscribe to Sports RSS
  Travel   Subscribe to Travel RSS

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Feeds by subject

  Accounting   Subscribe to Accounting News
                        and Issues RSS
  Mergers and Aqc.   Subscribe to
                        Aquisitions/Mergers/Take Overs RSS
  Awards   Subscribe to Awards RSS
  Bankruptcy   Subscribe to Bankruptcy RSS
  Stock/Bond Ratings   Subscribe to Bond/Stock
                        Ratings RSS
  Children’s News   Subscribe to Children's News RSS
  Chinese Company News   Subscribe to Chinese Company
                        News RSS
  Conference Calls   Subscribe to Conference Calls RSS
  Contracts   Subscribe to Contracts RSS
  Dividends   Subscribe to Dividends RSS
  Earnings   Subscribe to Earnings RSS
  Earnings, Forecast Projects   Subscribe to Earnings
                        projection or forecast RSS
  Economic Trends   Subscribe to Economic News,
                        Trends and Analysis RSS
  Federal and Provincial   Subscribe to Federal and
                        Provincial Legislations RSS
  Federal Executive   Subscribe to Federal Executive
                        Branch, Agency News RSS
  Financing Agreements   Subscribe to Financing
                        Agreements RSS
  Funds   Subscribe to Funds RSS
  Investment Opinion   Subscribe to Investment
                        Opinion RSS
  Joint Ventures   Subscribe to Joint Ventures RSS
  Labour News   Subscribe to Labour News RSS
  Legal   Subscribe to Legal RSS
  Licensing Agreements   Subscribe to Licensing
                        Agreements RSS
  Marketing   Subscribe to Marketing RSS
  Media Advisories   Subscribe to Media Advisories RSS
  Mortgages   Subscribe to Mortgages RSS
  Provincial and national election campaigns   Subscribe to National and
                        Provincial Election Campaigns RSS
  Natural Resource Discoveries   Subscribe to Natural Resource
                        Discoveries RSS
  New Products/Services   Subscribe to New
                        Products/Services RSS
  News from European Government   Subscribe to News from or
                        about European Government Bodies RSS
  Not-for-Profit   Subscribe to Not-for-Profits RSS
  Offerings   Subscribe to Offerings RSS
  Personnel Announcements   Subscribe to Personnel
                        Announcements RSS
  Private Placement   Subscribe to Private
                        Placement RSS
  Real Estate Transactions   Subscribe to Real Estate
                        Transactions RSS
  Restructuring   Subscribe to
                        Restructurings/Recapitalizations RSS
  Sales Reports   Subscribe to Sales Reports RSS
  Shareholders Rights Plans   Subscribe to Shareholders'
                        Rights Plans RSS
  Surveys   Subscribe to Surveys RSS
  Trade Shows   Subscribe to Trade Shows RSS
  Trading Halt   Subscribe to Trading Halt RSS
  Trading Resumption   Subscribe to Trading
                        Resumption RSS
  Venture Capital   Subscribe to Venture Capital RSS
  Video News Release   Subscribe to Video News
                        Release RSS
  Women's News   Subscribe to Women's News RSS

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Feeds by industry

  Advertising   Subscribe to Advertising RSS
  Aerospace News   Subscribe to
                        Aerospace/Defence RSS
  Agriculture   Subscribe to Agriculture RSS
  Airlines/Aviation   Subscribe to
                        Airlines/Aviation RSS
  Art   Subscribe to Art RSS
  Auto Industry   Subscribe to Auto
                        Manufacturers RSS
  Banking/Financial Services   Subscribe to Banking/Financial
                        Services RSS
  Biotechnology   Subscribe to Biotechnology RSS
  Books   Subscribe to Books RSS
  Chemical   Subscribe to Chemical RSS
  Computer Hardware   Subscribe to Computer
                        Hardware RSS
  Computer Networks   Subscribe to Computer
                        Networks RSS
  Computer Software   Subscribe to Computer
                        Software RSS
  Computers/Electronics   Subscribe to
                        Computers/Electronics RSS
  Conglomerates   Subscribe to Conglomerates RSS
  Construction/Building   Subscribe to
                        Construction/Building RSS
  Consumer Electronics   Subscribe to Consumer
                        Electronics RSS
  Education   Subscribe to Education RSS
  E-Commerce   Subscribe to Electronic
                        Commerce RSS
  Electronic Components   Subscribe to Electronic
                        Components RSS
  Electronic Design   Subscribe to Electronic Design
                        Automation RSS
  Electronic Testers   Subscribe to Electronic
                        Testers RSS
  Entertainment   Subscribe to Entertainment RSS
  Environmental Services   Subscribe to Environmental
                        Services RSS
  Fashion   Subscribe to Fashion RSS
  Film   Subscribe to Film RSS
  Food/Beverages   Subscribe to Food/Beverages RSS
  Gambling/Casinos   Subscribe to Gambling/Casinos RSS
  Health Care/Hospitals   Subscribe to Health
                        Care/Hospitals RSS
  Household/Consumer/Cosmetics   Subscribe to
                        Household/Consumer/Cosmetics RSS
  Insurance   Subscribe to Insurance RSS
  Internet Technology   Subscribe to Internet
                        Technology RSS
  Leisure   Subscribe to
                        Leisure/Travel/Hotels RSS
  Machinery   Subscribe to Machinery RSS
  Magazines   Subscribe to Magazines RSS
  Maritime/Ship Building   Subscribe to Maritime/Ship
                        Building RSS
  Medical/Pharmaceutical   Subscribe to
                        Medical/Pharmaceuticals RSS
  Mining/Metals   Subscribe to Mining/Metals RSS
  Multimedia/Internet/Online Services   Subscribe to
                        Multimedia/Internet/Online Services RSS
  Music   Subscribe to Music RSS
  Mutual Funds   Subscribe to Mutual Funds RSS
  Network Security   Subscribe to Network Security RSS
  Office Products   Subscribe to Office Products RSS
  Oil/Energy   Subscribe to Oil/Energy RSS
  Over-the-Counter   Subscribe to Over-the-Counter RSS
  Paper/Forest Products   Subscribe to Paper/Forest
                        Products RSS
  Peripherals   Subscribe to Peripherals RSS
  Precious Metals   Subscribe to Precious Metals RSS
  Publishing/Informational Services   Subscribe to
                        Publishing/Informational Services RSS
  Radio   Subscribe to Radio RSS
  Real Estate   Subscribe to Real Estate RSS
  Restaurants   Subscribe to Restaurants RSS
  Retail   Subscribe to Retail RSS
  Semiconductors   Subscribe to Semiconductors RSS
  Sports   Subscribe to Sports RSS
  Supermarkets   Subscribe to Supermarkets RSS
  Supplementary Medicine   Subscribe to Supplementary
                        Medicine RSS
  Telecommunications   Subscribe to
                        Telecommunications RSS
  Television   Subscribe to Television RSS
  Textiles/Apparel   Subscribe to Textiles/Apparel RSS
  Tobacco   Subscribe to Tobacco RSS
  Trade and Labour Unions   Subscribe to Trade and Labour
                        Unions RSS
  Transportation/Trucking/Railroads   Subscribe to
                        Transportation/Trucking/Railroads RSS
  Travel   Subscribe to Travel RSS
  Utilities   Subscribe to Utilities RSS

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What is RSS?

RSS is a machine-readable content-syndication specification. This allows content to be retrieved by computer programs (called 'readers' or 'aggregators', see below) that then deliver it to you. In other words, instead of going to a website to read the latest news, the content comes to you. Even better, RSS allows you to bring together the content from several different sites in one single location (a single web-page or a desktop application).

RSS comes in two main flavours, RSS 1.0 (RDF or RichSite Summary) and RSS 2.0 (Really SimpleSyndication). Although there are key differences between the two standards, in most instances the distinction is transparent to the end user.

Check out the online video RSS in Plain English. It does a fantastic job of explaining RSS and RSS readers.

How do I use it?

RSS content is commonly referred to as a 'feed'. This is simply an XML (EXtensible Markup Language) file containing a list of available content. Simply copy (right-click the link and select 'copy link location') and paste the feed's web address into your favourite reader to subscribe. Once subscribed, the reader software periodically checks the feed for new content and downloads any updates it finds.

Which reader should I use?

There are numerous readers available for different platforms. Some are web-based and don't require you to install any software on your machine. Others are integrated into browsers or are stand-alone programs. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and it will likely be compatible with the majority of RSS formats.

What version of RSS does CNW Group use?

CNW Group supports RSS version 2.0. It is the most popular format with the widest support among both RSS distributors and client programs.

Members of the news media are reminded that CNW Group RSS feeds are not delivered in real time. You may experience a maximum delay of up to 15 minutes. As such, RSS feeds should not be considered an equivalent to the dedicated CNW Group feed received by your news organization.


Issuers of news releases and not CNW Group are solely responsible for the accuracy of the content. Terms and conditions, including restrictions on redistribution, apply. © CNW Group